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2012 DE's


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I am looking at guys who could transition to OLB's.


Cam Johnson, DE, Virginia


6'4 - 270 lbs


Strengths: Tremendous explosion, accelerates low with power. Relentless blindside pursuit, tracks down ball carriers on the other side of the field. Fast in a straight line. Excellent wide and bull rushes when quick off the snap. Strong tackler. Has good power in hands and can anchor, shed, and chase.

Weaknesses: Is slightly high cut and somewhat stiff in the hips, likely too stiff for 3-4 OLB consideration. Doesn't change directions well. Can be late off the snap. Has a history of serious injuries, including knee and pectoral. Needs more pass rush moves beyond wide and bull.


Constantly double teamed. He goes to the QB well. I like how he deals with the running game also.



Younger and not as good. I do still love how flies to the ball.


draft scout 3rd

nfl future 2-3

Walters 2-3

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Malik Jackson


6'5 - 268 lbs

Strengths: Very good size and frame with a strong upper body and long arms. Very good quickness and agility for his size and is a naturally explosive player with good get-off speed. Jackson stays balanced through contact and keeps working to penetrate the pocket, playing with a good motor. He is stout at the point of attack and plays with good length and wrist/hand strength to secure tackles. Jackson has also shown the ability to rip the ball out of the grasp of ballcarriers with four career forced fumbles. Improved awareness and footwork to drop in space when needed. Versatile skill-set to play multiple positions on the defensive line and has experience playing inside and outside.

Weaknesses: Plays too tall and allows himself to get upright off the snap. Needs to do a better job with leverage to win at the line of scrimmage, relying too much on his upper-body strength. Lean lower body and needs to improve his strength in his legs and thighs. Suspect body flexibility and tight hips. Not a natural bender and lacks fluid change of direction ability. Plays with inconsistent pad level and is often knocked backwards off the snap. Only average career production at the college level (13.0 career sacks). Still a bit raw in his development and needs to eliminate senseless penalties. Looks fatigued at times, struggling to finish plays, and conditioning might be an issue.


Draft scout 4-5

Walters 5-6

draft rookie 3-4


No vid that I can see.



Shea McClellin, DE, Boise State


6'3 - 260 lbs

Strengths: Plays fast with very good football quickness and agile footwork. A high effort and energy rusher who plays with obvious passion and intensity -- relentless and tenacious motor. Fast in pursuit with good chase skills to track down the action. Good get-off momentum and anticipation -- instinctive defender who locates the ball quickly. Extremely active and plays with an aggressive playing nature and attitude -- self-starter and strong finisher. Country strong and very physical, welcoming contact. Fights and works hard to find a way to beat blockers -- disruptive with a nose for the ball. Versatile defensive player with experience at LB, DE and other hybrid front-seven positions. A creative pass rusher, using a variety of moves and techniques to create pressure. Tough and durable with a productive collegiate resume (33.0 tackles for loss and 20.5 sacks), starting the final 37 games of his career in Boise.

Weaknesses: Not a quick-twitch player and lacks natural explosion -- not an elite athlete. Has only average functional size and strength, lacking the natural power and length to overwhelm blockers at the next level. Too energetic at times and often over pursues his target -- can be overaggressive and take himself out of the play. Lacks a natural position for the next level and won't be at his best if he's locked into one spot.


He is used to standing. I would like to see him back up.




draft scout 2nd

walters 3-4

nfl future 3rd


I do like what I see. He gets to the qb and deals well with the run.

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Jake Bequette, DE, Arkansas


6'5 - 271

Strengths: Has a solidly-built frame with good upper body strength and tenacity, working hard to the ball. Plays fast with good initial quickness and closing speed to create havoc in the backfield. Possesses accurate snap anticipation and timing to beat blockers off the edge. Offers some versatility, rushing from a two and three point stance with the playing speed to stand up in space. Has good awareness against the run, setting the edge and holding contain. A relentless rusher with a competitive attitude and drive that are top-shelf -- overachiever and rushes like every play is his last. Possesses the strength to be a bull rusher and abuse blockers -- load to handle and will attract some holding penalties. Picks up energy as the game goes on and gets the most out of his ability. Team leader with a productive collegiate resume as a four-year starter (31.0 tackles for loss, 23.5 sacks and 8 forced fumbles), leading the SEC in sacks in 2011.

Weaknesses: Very average athletically with tight hips and straight-line speed. Shorter than ideal with average measureables. Possesses only average burst from a stationary position with body stiffness, lacking "special" explosion -- will struggle to win the edge at the next level. Not a natural bender, which limits his pass rush moves, and shows no secondary moves. Lacks overpowering strength and struggles to disengage at the point -- too often stonewalled off the snap. Has pedestrian hand placement and technique. Possesses streaky base strength and can be driven and redirected off the line of scrimmage in the run game. Needs to play smarter and control his aggression -- will hit too late at times. Needs to consistently bring down the ballcarrier once he get his hands on them -- doesn't always finish. Missed three games in 2011 with hamstring injury.

I do not like what I see here. Maybe a bad day. He doesn't ID the ball during the play. He gets ridden around the QB pretty easily.


fftoolbox 4th

draft scout 3-4

walters 2nd



Olivier Vernon*, DE, Miami

Height: 6-2. Weight: 261




Positives: Looks the part. Possesses a long, athletic build with room for additional muscle mass. Flashes a burst off the snap, which is good enough to cross the face of collegiate tackles and put him in position to make big plays behind the line of scrimmage. Good lateral agility to elude. Plays on the balls of his feet and shows enough balance and flexibility to quickly turn and pursue laterally and downfield. Plenty of athletic talent worthy of developing …

Negatives: Raw. Relies on his burst and size as a pass rusher and shows little in terms of pass rush technique. Flashes some explosiveness as a hitter but has just one forced fumble (2011) for his career. Only average strength at the point of attack, at this time. Loses track of the football and really could have used more seasoning before making the jump to the NFL. His "breakout" sophomore season of six sacks looks less impressive when one realizes that he recorded 3.5 of his sacks on the season against Florida A&M. Concerns about his maturity and work ethic.

I like that he can backpeddle and move around to cover. He brings heat on the QB (very nice swim move early in this vid). Didn't set the edge well on one play.


walters 6-7

draft scout 5th

draft 101 UDFA

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Jacquies Smith Missouri

6’3″ 253 pounds



Pass rush: Flashes a quick first step when allowed to get after the passer. Moved inside on third downs to pressure interior linemen, works hard to get through doubles to chase the passer. Smart player who covers center screens when stunting inside. Hesitates to take out smaller running backs when attacking the passer. Length and height allows him to knock down passes at the line. Takes time to get out of two-point stance. Swipes at blocks to stay clean but does not use his hands consistently enough.

Run defense: Looks like an edge rusher but plays with good effort on the strong side of the formation. Throws body into his blocker to maintain the line. Stays with one-on-one blocks down the line and gets off to make plays, though typically performs better against tight ends/H-backs. Stunts inside regularly, holds ground fairly well considering his build and slides between blockers to attack inside runs. Could use his hands more effectively to shed.

Explosion: Inconsistent quickness off the snap, looks quick and strong at times but can be a step late and doesn't win the edge often enough to be considered an elite rusher. Strong enough punch to send tight ends into the backfield when he feels the run coming.

Strength: Tall, somewhat lean build belies good strength and effort at the point of attack. Uses leverage to hold his ground against double teams as well as can be expected. Most tight ends cannot handle him on the line but NFL tackles, however, will be able to control him with their upper-body strength if he allows them to latch on.

Tackling: Hard-working defender, makes most of his tackles fighting through blocks against the run. Willing to hustle downfield, takes deep angles to prevent big plays from resulting in scores. Goes for the strip once tackle is secured. Chases down players from behind but lacks the elite burst to close. High-cut player who may not break down quickly enough to corral NFL backs.

Intangibles: Stepped in immediately to play as a true freshman, has not missed a game due to injury in his career. Mature player who works in the weight and film rooms, and is a leader in the locker room.

He gets washed out in the trash a great deal. Getting turned around a lot looking for the ball.


draft scout 5-6th

walters 5-6th

draft 101 UDFA

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Olivier Vernon looked the best to me in these videos. Maybe Malik Jackson, but he looks more like a DE than OLB to me.


The guy I really want after watching all these videos is the guy lining up right next to Olivier Vernon though, #54 on Miami.


No idea who that is, but I want that guy if he is draft eligible.

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5-7th round here.


Guess this should go into the DT/DE thread (when there is one) but I don't see a 5-7th round draft pick. Just makes too many plays in such a short sequence of film that isn't even supposed to feature him.


Maybe that was the game of his life.

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I don't think there are that many.


McPhee, Ngata, Hall, Jones, Cody, McAdoo and McClellan. Let's add Kruger as well.


Of those, McAdoo, McClellan and Kruger are LBs (maybe 3rd down D-line).


That leaves McPhee, Ngata, Hall, Jones and Cody.


I am not sure what Hall is (listed at 295 so DE possibly), but otherwise that's 1 NT and 3 DE in a 3-4. I could see them add another NT and maybe (depending on Hall) a DE.

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Donte Paige'Moss

North Carolina

6'4 - 260 lbs

Pass rush: Flashes strength and leverage to bull rush tackles into the quarterback, able to rip inside or outside and reach the quarterback while engaged. Keeps moving towards the passer until the ball is away, getting most sacks on secondary hustle rushes. Able to spin off block to return to pocket if pushed outside. Rarely allowed to rush wide in UNC's scheme, usually contains the edge, slips inside, or used on end-tackle twists. Look flexible enough to turn the corner while engaged, though. Drops into coverage from a three-point stance on some plays, affects passing lanes with his height and length. Defeats cut blocks well with his hands, keeps his eyes on the quarterback, jumps into passing lanes to knock down throws at the line. Must learn to use violent hands to release from blockers more regularly.

Run defense: Plays with natural bend and strength at the point of attack, does not get washed out like many defensive ends because of his anchor. Coached to contain on his side of the line, capable of forcing running backs east-west and uses his long arms to wrap them if they try to cut inside. Takes down fullback cut blocks, stays in the play. Must be aware of, and anchor more consistently against, double-teams on the edge.

Explosion: Does not have an elite first step as a pass rusher, but is able to pressure tackles' upfield shoulder when given the chance to pin his ears back. Comes off the snap low and hard when playing the run, usually finishes on the opponents' side of the line when asked to play over the tackle.

Strength: Gets stronger each year, has great upside as a three-down defender. Usually plays with leverage on the edge against the run and pushes through single and double-team blocks as a pass rusher. Gets low in short-yardage situations to maintain the line of scrimmage. Loses his anchor at times, getting pushed back a bit a yard or two, when arms aren't extended into blocker.

Tackling: Does not have elite hustle and quickness to the ball, but combines length and strength to be an effective tackler around the line or chasing downfield. Plays lower than expected at his height, with good natural bend to break down quickly and wrap up in space. Closes on most quarterbacks when they start to scramble, also capable of chasing them down toward the sideline on bootlegs.

Intangibles: Had trouble keeping his temper during his first year at UNC: arrested for simple assault in July 2009 after getting into a fight with a teammate in a dorm room, then suspended for Meineke Car Care Bowl last year for an incident with a N.C. State player after their match-up. Reportedly maturing as a person and player, though still shows excitement and confidence on the field after making a big play.


fftoolbox 1-2nd

draft scout 6-7th

nfl future 3-4th


Still looking for vid of a single game performance.



Julian Miller, DE, West Virginia


6'4 - 268 lbs

Strengths: Dependable veteran defender who knows his role and does not get fooled by misdirection. Sacks and pressures come from hustle, brings good effort on every play. Holds the point with length and strong upper body. Faces doubles often, does fairly well maintaining the line of scrimmage. Stays alive against the run and mobile quarterbacks, shedding to either side to chase. Adequate change of direction and straight-line speed to contain against the bootleg. Chases plays downfield and to the sideline.

Weaknesses: Not explosive as a pass rusher or run defender. Does not own elite speed and flexibility to turn the corner, can be late off the snap. Hands not strong or active enough to disengage consistently. Gets some push, but will not bull rush NFL tackles into the quarterback. Would need to add weight to play five-technique in the pros. Plays tall, lacks athleticism to break down and capture elusive ballcarriers.


draft scout 6-7th

football futuure 6th

Walters 5-6th


Don't see a vid for him either.




Derrick Shelby


6'3 - 271 lbs





Shelby is decent off the ball but has a burst in the open field. Can run to either side and has the strength to set the edge. Good reach and plays the run well. Needs to make his decisions early when rushing the passer but when he does and they work, he is a force. Could possibly move outside in a 3-4 set.



Despite his playing experience, it is scary at times when grading his ability to diagnose plays and make quick decisions on the line. Can be eliminated once engaged with a lineman, but can show starter-type ability if he makes a good decision and reads the play. An inconsistent player.



draft scout 6-7th

draft 101 UDFA

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Interesting video in the regard that he seems to have been missused his senior year as a DT. Might be better to watch videos of his early years instead.





Julian Miller is my favorite by far out of all these players in this thread so far. At least if he slims down from his DT role.

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DE/OLB Nick Perry, USC

Pass rush: Has very good first step quickness and does a nice job in space. Has the footwork, body control and fluidity to quickly change directions. Does a nice job elevating and getting his hands up to knock down passes at the line of scrimmage. Works hard to collapse the pocket with a relentless motor. Brings aggressive playing style on every snap and doesn?t quit. Lacks elite size and length ? undersized and can be swallowed by larger blockers.

Run defense: Read/reacts quickly with good awareness and recognition skills to chase down the play from different angles. Understands leverage and does a nice job staying balanced, getting lower than blockers and underneath their pads, usually attracting holding penalties.

Explosion: A quick, flexible athlete with sharp burst off the snap. Shows the natural bend and coordination to dip his shoulder and consistently win the edge. Doesn?t always time-up his explosion and isn?t a sudden pass rusher.

Strength: Uses his powerful upper body and hands to force his way into the pocket. Does a nice job swatting blocker?s hands/arms with his violent, active hands. Struggles to disengage at the point of attack and will never be the strongest on the field ? functional strength is a question mark.

Tackling: Plays smart and disciplined, staying at home and restraining from biting on fakes ? listens and applies coaching. Good hand strength to secure tackles. Lacks ideal arm length, but works hard to wrap and tackle through the ballcarrier.

Intangibles: Projects best as a stand up linebacker in a 3-4 scheme at the next level, but doesn?t have much experience in this area and there could be a learning curve ? can he play with his hand on the ground at the next level? Lined up in both the two and three point stance in college. Has good production on his r?sum?, capping off his career with a strong junior season, leading the Pac-12 in sacks. Has questionable instincts when asked to drop in coverage. Appears fatigued late in games and needs to show better conditioning.


A little out of control but he is a comer. Nice twists and stunts.


Constantly being held. That is a good sign. Also sit and read like a LB. I would love if there was some vid of his coverage skills. Loved how he took the OT's helmet off on the one play. On the reverse that was his fault. Needs to remember his responsibilities.


draft scout 1-2nd

walter 1-2nd

fftoolbox 1st

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Vinny Curry



6-4/265 lbs



Pass rush: Relentless and strong off the edge as a pass rusher when fresh. Gets under the pads of tackles to bull rush them into the backfield. Gives second and third effort to reach the passer. Uses his hands to swim past linemen. Struggles to beat cut blocks with his hands. Inconsistent get-off, stands straight up into his blocker and does not shed later in games. Plays a bit out of control, loses his balance when trying to shake tackles. Challenge interior linemen with quickness and strong hands when lined up inside.

Run defense: Chase defender outside, has good closing speed and hustle to get to ballcarriers running to or away from him. Works through multiple blockers to get to the ball, or at least force plays to other defenders. May take a false step inside on zone reads, but generally stays at home to keep containment.

Explosion: Usually comes off the snap in a hurry and very strong from either side of the formation. May not beat NFL tackles as a pure speed rusher, but will challenge their upfield shoulder. Quick enough to take inside lane if tackle guesses on speed rush. His initial quickness lets up later in games.

Strength: Plays with intensity and a nice anchor even when giving up 40-50 pounds against most blockers. Shows pop as a bull rusher. Stands up well against the run when lined up at five-technique, but must prove he has the bulk and strength to handle NFL linemen one-on-one or double-teams before moving inside.

Tackling: Possesses NFL-caliber length and strength as a tackler. Makes backside plays with regularity when zone schemes leave him unblocked. Gives great effort, following the ball to either sideline no matter where he is lined up. Adds himself to piles as the third or fourth defender. Spins off piles inside and finds the ballcarrier to drag him down.

Intangibles: Team leader, younger players look up to him. Positive attitude in the locker room, works well with the media. Hustle on the field reflects work ethic off the field. No major off-field incidents. Could have entered the draft in 2011 as a potential top 100 pick, chose to return to "win a championship".


He flies around. Pretty damned fast. A little haphazard though


fftoolbox 2nd

draft scout 2nd

Walter 1-2nd

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Tyrone Crawford, DE, Boise State


6'4 - 273 lbs

Strengths: Looks the part with a strong, defined frame and good length (33?? arms, 9?? hands). Has good quickness and athleticism for his size. Coordinated with smooth movement skills. High effort rusher and works through the whistle. Relentless worker, fighting off blocks and battling to the ballcarrier. Has strong hands and holds his own at the point of attack. Stout anchor when he plays low to the ground. Has strong practice habits and coaches talk highly of his work ethic. Has been productive at the FBS-level with a combined 27.0 tackles for loss and 13.5 sacks the past two seasons. Offers some scheme versatility.

Weaknesses: Not a quick-twitch player who will consistently threaten the edge. Has limited explosive qualities and lacks great initial burst or overall range for the position ? not overly flexible or loose. Has a limited array of pass rush moves and needs to improve his technique in this area. Struggles to locate the ball at times and needs to do a better job with his read/react skills. Has some durability concerns, missing time this past season with leg injuries. Has only year as a starter at the FBS-level and was part of a rotation-heavy defensive front ? limited experience against top competition.




No game tape.






dratf scout 2-3rd

draft bible 4th

draft blitz 3rd




Brett Roy


6'3 - 280 lbs



Positives: Possesses a compact, athletic build. Good initial quickness off the snap. Can shake heavy-footed offensive linemen in tight quarters due to his good lateral agility and active hands. Shows good football intelligence, recognizing where the ball is heading and breaking free to be in position to make the play. Pursues with passion even 50-plus yards downfield if still in position to make the tackle (Boise State). Has a legitimate burst to close and is an effective wrap tackler. Highly regarded by the coaching staff due to his work ethic and leadership. Captained the football, basketball and track-and-field teams in high school.

Negatives: Lacks the size to compete as a traditional defensive tackle and is a projection to any other position. Locates the ball quickly and pursues with passion, but may lack the foot speed to handle the transition to linebacker. Routinely blown off the ball against the run. Doesn't possess the elite speed his statistics would indicate as Nevada's aggressive scheme and talent surrounding him have inflated his production.


draft scout 5th


walter 5-6th

draft bible 6th

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Chandler Jones

Ht/Wt: 6-5/265 lbs


Pass rush: Jones times the snap well, but he doesn't have great get-off quickness. Has long arms and active hands to keep blockers out of his frame. Has the athleticism to get low around the corner. Because of his length and athleticism, Jones has the potential to develop into a high-level pass rusher. To do that, though, he needs to refine his secondary move. Jones will get held up when his initial move fails and doesn't have the best lateral movement to work inside. Has lined up inside and outside the tackle.


Pursuit: Jones' get-off at the line of scrimmage was inconsistent throughout his career. Against Pittsburgh as a junior, he was routinely the first player off the line. But in other games, he was a non-factor. Uses his length to close quickly and get a hold on the ball carrier.


Run defense: Isn't always fast to redirect against draw plays. Needs to develop better instincts against the run. Has to figure out how to get off blocks quicker against the run. Knows how to keep his feet clean. Has a long wingspan that he uses to his advantage to take up more space.


Strength: Plays stronger than his long, lean frame suggests. Jones is particularly strong in his upper body but he still manages to get a good leg drive. Has a frame that can get much bigger if he lands on a 4-3 team.


Tackling: Although Jones is an't a textbook perfect wrap and drive tackler, he has the length and power to make up for it. Gives good effort in pursuit to chase down the ball.


Technique: If Jones wants his potential to match his athleticism, he needs to consistently play with a lower pad level. Coverage technique is largely unknown. He dropped back a few times, but will most likely have to work on his footwork if he goes to a 3-4 team. Does a good job of keeping his hands active and will use his free hand to make a play while still being blocked.


Final word: Jones played just seven games this season after suffering a leg injury in the season opener. Still, Jones earned first-team all-conference honors after finishing with 38 tackles, 4.5 sacks, two forced fumbles and an interception. But his development as a prospect was hampered by the injury. Jones will enter the NFL loaded with potential because of his size and athleticism. But he needs to get better against the run and his technique needs some work.


Eating double teams. Quick and relentless. Pretty good against the run.



Flies to the ball. Not always reading the play right. They better not throw over his head to much. He may get that ball. I like his sitting in space toward the end of the vid.


draft scout 2nd

draft 101 4th

walter 2-3rd


I am not for having brothers on the team because they might take it personally when a business move must be made. That said I do like his skill set.

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