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Whitlock article is confusing


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I think Whitlock is having a 'knee jerk' reaction to Seau's death. You have to read the whole article because he's talking about football as something that is in peril of existing.

I think the sport is heading for trouble but not for Whitlocks reasons. The economy and greed of the Owners and players to get every penny out of the fans will do them in. Expansion...watering down the product...that will chase me away.

I like the 14 game schedule actually. Playoff teams might actually be healthy and not worn out.


In the aftermath of Seau’s suicide and growing concern over football head injuries, football could soon be a shell of its former self, a sport played almost exclusively by America’s option-less underclass.


Football, as my friend Tony Kornheiser predicted on "Pardon the Interruption," could soon become boxing, the sport that defined American machismo in the first two-thirds of the 20th century, surrendered its last vestige of integrity when Larry Holmes hastened Muhammad Ali’s descent into Parkinson’s disease during a 10-round bludgeoning and became virtually irrelevant when Mike Tyson self-destructed.


So what can and should be done?


• Kickoffs should be eliminated. It’s probably the

most dangerous play in football.


• Reduce the regular season to 14 games and the preseason to two.


• Reduce the number of full-contact practices to one per week at all levels of football. Full-contact spring practice should be eliminated from amateur football.


• The NFL should eliminate its offseason volunteer practice program. Football year-round is a disaster, especially for professional players.




So what does he mean by "America’s option-less underclass."

Does he mean that everybody who is playing now is smart and has options other than football?....that only poor, dumb uneducated people will end up playing the game?


I must be missing something...that's why I posted this.

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