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Browns fire Scouts before Draft/Combine


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This is solid Cleveland logic.


I mean...hire a HC (who Jets players turned off)...then hire a token GM......so getting rid of your scouts on February 6th makes perfect sense!


Following this train of logic... they will use the fan mock drafts from the ESPN Brownie board.




Browns scout calls firings 'disappointing'

by Mary Kay Cabot / Plain Dealer Reporter

Two Browns scouts have been fired by the Browns, one of them confirmed to The Plain Dealer on Thursday.

The timing of the moves is interesting because Kelly and Jeremiah have spent the past year preparing for the NFL draft in April, and both have extensive reports on hundreds of draft-eligible players. With the NFL Combine beginning Feb. 18 in Indianapolis, this is the most pivotal time of the year for NFL scouts.


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Secondary concern: Cleveland's inability to bring in Kokinis much earlier puts the team behind in terms of draft plans.

Much of the college scouting knowledge for the Browns rested with former general manager Phil Savage and his staff. But most of those people are gone. :o

Kokinis' background is with pro personnel, so even the GM will have to be a quick study over the next two-plus months. Mangini also will have a lot of say in getting the type of player he wants.





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