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Brett Favre to retire


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NEW YORK (AP)—Brett Favre informed the New York Jets on Wednesday he will retire after 18 seasons, ending a record-setting career in which he was one of the NFL’s premier quarterbacks.


The 39-year-old instructed agent James “Bus” Cook to tell the team of his decision, six weeks after Favre’s only season with the Jets ended in disappointment as New York failed to make the playoffs.


In an e-mail to ESPN, Favre said he has no regrets about ending his career in New York and praised owner Woody Johnson, general manager Mike Tannenbaum and fired coach Eric Mangini.



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That leaves them with a lot of cap room. Anybody putting bets on his next team?

I don't know. The Jets were $7 mil. in the hole before, Brett was was due $13 mil. but they have to find a QB to start now, and then there are their tenders. I don't know if they will have enough to sign a big name after all is done.

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Good, I was getting tired of Brett and his crying. Who wants to bet that the Jets are going to draft Josh Freeman because Rex thinks he is going to be the next Joe Flacco?

He is a big boy, 250 lbs. I only watched him play once this past season. I watch some video. He seem to be cool most of the time, used his feet good.


As much as I would like Boller back as a back-up, Rex could get him to come play for a few games.

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