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Ryan has eye on former Baltimore pupils


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OK...maybe...maybe he can afford one guy...but I don't see break the bank kind of money. They need a QB more than anything.


On Feb. 20 at the NFL Scouting Combine, Ryan affirmed the notion that the Jets' current defensive personnel isn't quite up to snuff, saying, “If we bring in the kind of players we're talking about, we only need to add one or two guys.”

With all that the Jets have done regarding cap space, they're now positioned to make a singular splashy move in free agency and still allow themselves enough flexibility to sign their draft picks and execute some lower-profile veteran acquisitions. Especially considering starting ILB Eric Barton is likely to jet the Jets, Lewis or Scott tops the wish list for that one big name.




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INDIANAPOLIS - The Ray Lewis rumors got a lot louder Thursday night.


The Jets left themselves perilously thin at inside linebacker, releasing veteran backups David Bowens and Brad Kassell - moves that could mean they're clearing the deck to pursue Lewis or Ravens teammate Bart Scott, another inside linebacker.


"They must be targeting a linebacker, probably from Baltimore," Bowens said in a phone interview.

New coach Rex Ryan, previously the Ravens' defensive coordinator, knows Lewis and Scott as well as anyone. Ryan has only one experienced inside linebacker under contract, David Harris, so it doesn't take a genius to connect the dots.




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I was reading them earlier. All I can do is laugh.


- $7 mil. of cap space


At this time they can't not even re-sign one of their kickers! :lol:


You think there are another RFA they might want to tender?

Or maybe a FA they would like to keep?


Then there is that draft.


We better start buying a lot of baby powder.

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