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Priscos Top 50 Free Agents


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What the hell...I'll post his rankings of Ravens....


Giving large contracts to players over 30 usually comes back to hurt a team. Give those players shorter deals.


Youth is where the dough should go.


2 Jason Brown, C, Baltimore Ravens: He's a power player in the middle who is just now entering his prime. He's better blocking for the run than as a pass protector. Will cash in big in this period.


9. Bart Scott, LB, Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens will try to keep him, but they have other issues. He's a good player, but he's seeking great player money.


13. Ray Lewis, LB, Baltimore Ravens: Age moves him down, but for a team looking for a two-year hit he can help. That team better have big people to keep guards off him.


31. Chris McAlister, CB, Baltimore Ravens: He's getting up in years and has injury issues last season, but he can still help a team for a year or two. When he's healthy, he can still cover well.


50. Jim Leonhard, S, Baltimore Ravens: It's funny how one good season in the right system can help a career. Leonhard was a second-level free agent until this past season when he played for an injured Dawan Landry. Now he will get some action.



Here's ProFootballWeekly's top 100...


10. Bart Scott

ILB / Baltimore Ravens

Age 29 / FA Type: Unrestricted


The tough, instinctive Scott fits best inside in a 3-4 front and would provide an immediate lift to teams seeking to bolster their run defense. Scott, who is also an accomplished blitzer, is expected to test the market, and the Ravens may not have the cap space to bring back all three free-agent linebackers.


11. Jason Brown

C-OG / Baltimore Ravens

Age 26 / FA Type: Unrestricted


The marquee Ravens free agent whom no one seems to be talking about, Brown is set to cash in after impressive stints at both left guard and center in back-to-back seasons. Strong enough to anchor at center but athletic enough to thrive at guard, Brown is one of the top free agents available at both positions.


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