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One Winning Drive: Ravens 31, Chargers 26: Game Balls


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Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes. Pulled that one out. Nice game on both sides, scary on both sides, impressive on both sides. Ravens sneak by.

Willis McGahee scores against the Chargers    Darren Sproles goes 81 yards to score in the first.

Defensive Game Ball: Ray Lewis.Gotta start where it ended. Not only did Lewis make the tackle that ended the game, beautifully reading the Chargers’ blocking scheme and meeting Darren Sproles 4 yards in the backfield, but he also controlled Sproles throughout the second half. After Sproles and the Chargers abused the Ravens defense on screens and swings, the Ravens assigned Lewis the task of hawking the speedy back. In the second half, Sproles’ big screens were far less damaging. Lewis had a forced fumble, an innumerable  number of tackles, and was one of the few highlights of an otherwise forgettable defensive performance.

Two-Face Ball: Dawan Landry. It was the tale of two halves for Landry. In the first half, he needed a GPS to find his way around the field. Landry lost Sproles on the Chargers 70+ yard screen to score in the first, and found himself out of position or turned around frequently. It’s hard to deny that my mind occasionally wandered to Jim Leonhard’s spirited campaign at safety last season. But in the second half, Landry found himself and turned his game around - intercepting Rivers once and almost doing it a second time later in the third.

Winner / Whiner Ball: Philip Rivers. (more…)

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Let's give the "Fall On Your Sword" Ball to Norv Turner for calling a run play on their final offensive play. Any jump ball probably had an 80% chance of scoring.


Joe should get something...he made some great throws and never lost his cool in a shootout.


I can't stand the dancing from Washington but he can do it all year as long as he keeps making the plays he's been making. Who was the last #3 receiver to do in 16 games what he's done in 2 games? I can't think of one until I get to Jermaine Lewis.

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Guest BallTMore

I like Kelley Washington's dancing. His squirrel dance is the funniest celebration in the NFL. He clearly has fun playing football.


I was surprised to hear him being interviewed after the game, he is the complete opposite of what he is on the field. I expected a rah-rah type behavior, but he is actually quite tame. Made me like him even more. Like I said, he has fun playing this game.


Great offseason pickup.

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One of the negative game balls has to go to Mark Clayton. Only 1 catch, and an absolutely huge drop on a pass that hit him in the hands that would have gotten a first down. That very nearly cost the game.


Also props to Frank Walker for making a huge play on the jump ball in the endzone. And whoever turned the WR outside on 2nd down and allowed Ayanbadejo to catch him from behind.


Where were the safeties? It seemed all of the big plays, there was no safety help over the top. I don't like just sitting in a Cover 2, but you have to give your CB some help against those receivers.

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