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Is Jim Caldwell having any influence on Joe Flacco?

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Mike Preston: I am positive Caldwell is having an influence on Flacco. He works with him every day. According to one assistant coach I spoke with earlier this year, Flacco has learned more this season than ever before under Caldwell.


Then What the hell were they doing for 4 yrs?

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Remember Flacco had his best year with Zorn as QB coach. Coming out of college ESPN did a segment on Flacco having to work very hard on his footwork and drop backs. As tall as Flacco is he needs someone to constantly keep on his footwork. In 2010 Zorn was able to identify when Flacco's footwork was getting sloppy and got him to explode off of his back foot and into his throws on the deep drop backs. In 2011 Zorn was not there and Flacco's footwork got really sloppy. Flacco really needs his own pitching coach pretty much. I am glad to see he and Caldwell are working well together. I can definitely see that Caldwell has helped Joe with his play action and in the red zone.

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