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CBS Sports: Ravens need to ignore Flacco flak, do smart thing by re-signing QB


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I guess Baltimore fans are mesmerized by the success that rookies like Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson have had this season or that Newton and Andy Dalton had in 2011, but this just in: Flacco had it, too. And he still does, with Baltimore one win from clinching its second straight division championship with Flacco at quarterback. Trent Dilfer didn't do that. Elvis Grbac didn't, either. Or Steve McNair, Jeff Blake, Kyle Boller, Vinny Testaverde, Tony Banks or Jim Harbaugh. The Ravens ran a lot of guys through the door at quarterback, and only one stuck.

You're looking at him, people, and you should be looking at him for a long, long time.


This is a good perspective and good article.

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