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Could be a fact....


Stunned: In the final minute of the fourth quarter, Baltimore tied the game at 35-all with a desperation 70-yard bomb from Joe Flacco to Jacoby Jones with 31 seconds left. Denver safety Rahim Moore badly misplayed the ball. The miracle attempt will go down in playoff history.


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Champ Bailey. He was the Peyton Manning of the defense. We mentioned it above, but Torrey Smith had a field day at Bailey's expense and Broncos coordinator Jack Del Rio never thought to help out Bailey. So the Ravens kept throwing bombs and Bailey kept getting burned. If you made a drinking game out of it you would've had alcohol poisoning before halftime.




this ones interesting....


Rahim Moore. We'll set the stage: Fourth quarter, Denver leads 35-28, Baltimore faces a third-and-3 with 41 seconds to go, and the ball on the Ravens' 30-yard line. The Broncos rushed three, dropped eight into coverage, and even though they had bracketed coverage on Jacoby Jones, he ran by one defender and got behind safety Rahim Moore for the most improbable playoff touchdown we've seen in a long time.


For some perspective, consider this:




According to the ESPN Stats & Info win probability model, Broncos had 97.2% chance to win the game in the situation before Jones' TD

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