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From the Denver Post....Woody....


The cold, hard fact is the Broncos lost everything Saturday.

And they blew it.

They lost the overtime coin toss. They lost a cinch victory with 31 seconds left in the fourth quarter by blowing coverage. They lost the game on an intercepted pass late in the fifth quarter. They lost the playoff game early in the sixth quarter on a 47-yard field goal.

They lost their chance at a ninth AFC championship game. They lost the opportunity for the franchise to win a third Super Bowl. Peyton Manning lost the prospect of playing a Super Bowl in his hometown of New Orleans and winning a second NFL championship.

The Broncos lost the lead four times. They lost two interceptions and a fumble, all Manning turnovers. They lost a dozen arguments with the officials. They lost a rare home playoff game.

The Broncos lost everything from the regular season in one historic postseason game. In a frozen conundrum on a Dr. Zhivago kind of day, in the chilliest and longest playoff game in Denver history, Ravens 38, Broncos 35.

Rather than Holliday, Hillman and the Hallelujah High Way, it was to Hades in a Handbasket.


Read more: Woody Paige: Conservative John Fox brings Broncos to their knees - The Denver Post http://www.denverpost.com/paige/ci_22363612/woody-paige-john-fox-brings-broncos-their-knees#ixzz2HpOKqk7y

Read The Denver Post's Terms of Use of its content: http://www.denverpost.com/termsofuse


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