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The NCAA is so ridiculous

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I really feel for Fitts and his family. I'm sure he worked really hard to be an early enrollee but the sanctions meant USC didn't have any room for him after taking the other early enrollees. It's a case of the NCAAs bullshit sanctions really hurting this team. I'm hoping McNair's court case against the NCAA will force them to remove the sanctions and cause some serious change but the NCAA will worm out of it somehow.

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USC made a promise. If you don't have the space don't make the promise. While I have many issues with the NCAA it is more USC that did this. The NCAA does need to hold schools accountable.

They did have the space until someone failed to graduate on time meaning 1 of the 7 early enrollees had to defer to the fall. They asked Fitts to defer as he was at the position of least need. If USC hadn't been levelled with such over the top sanctions then they would have been able to take Fitts and a number of other players they really want.

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