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  1. he fired every administrative employee connected to Jack Kent Cooke and brought in his own people on day one.
  2. Anyone have any interest in playing the Draft A Franchise Game. It is a snake draft where each participant builds a team with active players, including rookies, and one coach. No trades are involved and very easy to do. Each particpant has 12 hours to make a pick, which allows for time zone. The game is gong to be played on PurpleFlock.com. Below is where you can find the thread to show if you have interest. If we have enough interest, I'll start a sign up thread.. https://purpleflock.com/threads/3754/
  3. Completely agree Thundercleetz
  4. Actually I think Spags did pretty well considering all the injuries we had to DB this season. That being said, I don't think Spags ends up being hired in NY. He had his time there with great players. Then did nothing in his other stops as hc and dc. I think the Giants end up with Peppers.
  5. That's amazing news. Best news I've heard since knocking the Steelers out of the playoffs:)
  6. Great all the way from the owners to Ozzie / GM / scouts / coaching staff down to the players. This was a full on team effort. Thank you Ravens!
  7. Watching home with a few of my friends on my 58"
  8. Agree the KO 'KO' could have been the play of the game.
  9. Yes DeCosta is next in line, but Ozzie is not done yet. He's only 60 yrs old and yes has some health concerns but I haven't heard of his issues in a couple years.
  10. Yes DeCosta is next in line, but Ozzie is not done yet
  11. Jamaal Charles needs to blow it up this Sunday and Chase Daniel needs to protect the football and maybe throw a td pass to a wr
  12. From the top down owner gm asst gm scouting department coaching staff and players I feel the Ravens have a really strong organization. Stronger than most. Sure we have weaknesses but what team doesn't. Go Ravens and Hail Ozzie!
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