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AFC QB's Feasting


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Offense is way up in the NFL this year and here's one part of the reason...


Just as baseball observers have endlessly complained that expansion has diluted the amount of quality pitching throughout the sport, the same could be said of the depth of NFL defenses falling victim to the gaudy passing numbers being posted.


Last season, there was but one quarterback -- San Diego's Philip Rivers -- who notched a season-long passer rating over 100. This year, there are eight quarterbacks that can claim that figure through six weeks.


Not only that, but the top eight passers in the league in terms of yardage are all from the AFC, which won't make the Ravens' beleaguered secondary feel any better.


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One would think that if dilution of talent due to expansion is part of the reason, then it would affect quality of the offensive players as well.


It has to be the rule changes. The only significant one last year was the Brady rule, but there have been so many in recent years they are probably just now starting to show effect. Ultimately they are going to have to take a hard look at some of these rules that have made it so hard to play good defense. Maybe I'm biased as a Ravens fan, but I still prefer a league with a more than one or two good defenses. Take a look around the league and there aren't many left. Denver and San Fran i guess.

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