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Harbaugh makes too many excuses


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I sure hope Harbaugh is holding our guys accountable for their mistakes behind the scenes, because whenever he's asked about a perceived deficiency or problem when he's behind the mike, he usually makes an excuse or downplays the deficiency.


I watched his press conference after the game. Someone asks him about the tackling problems and his response is pretty much that Benson is a strong back, it's not as big a problem as the reporter is insinuating, and the Ravens offense breaks some tackles too.


What? Are you serious Harbaugh? Maybe it's ok for the Eagles to tackle like shit, but this is the Ravens and WE DON'T MISS TACKLES!!! He should be sitting his defense down and jumping their shit this week for all the yards they gave up after initial contact and instead i'm betting it won't even be addressed. You think Mattison is going to do it? He's in a position where his players know more about what plays to call than he does!


After the first Cinci game, Harbaugh was asked about the poor secondary and he said ". I think our coverage, overall, even though we’ve had some plays against us, our coverage overall has been really good, it’s been really aggressive. There’s been a penalty here, they make a play there, all that stuff happens, but we’re not changing the way we’re playing." Guess what? We've played 3 games since then and our coverage is still just as piss poor as it's always been!


If you don't address a problem and instead try to explain it away, then the problem will not get fixed. The Rust Bucket have this second round pick receiver, Limus Sweed. He's tall, fast and is the complete package physically. You might remember in the AFC Championship game he was wide open and dropped a deep ball from Roethlisberger that would have clinched the game way earlier than Polamalu's interception. Against Cincinatti, Sweed did it again and it cost the Steelers the game. In his next press conference, Tomlin was asked about it and he said something to the effect of: "[sweed's drops] are something that do concern me and if he gets an opportunity like that he better not miss it again." Then he dropped the guy to 4th string. THAT's how you hold people accountable Harbaugh...take notice.

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I'm with you on this OTR.

The implied "it's really not as bad as it looks" or "it's very fixable stuff" doesn't float with me.


On the flip side I really believe they (Harbaugh and his staff) let it loose on the guilty players...because all coaches do that from Pop Warner on up.


OK...so Harbaugh can't say to the media that Frank Walker is a 'No Covering Mo Fo' or 'We're fucked. Suggs got his money and is enjoying himself...his head is elsewhere' or 'My fault, should have signed Stover.'

but at least admit his team is not playing 'Ravens Football'...they are not communicating, executing, blocking, tackling or winning the 1 on 1 match ups.

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Yea I get that he doesn't want to throw players under the bus, i'm just worried that his downplaying of problems in the media is an indication of what's going on behind the scenes - that he's unable or unwilling to confront players about their shortcomings and push them to improve.


I do like what he said in his monday press conference - There was more accountability and it definitely had a theme of "we need to get better."

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