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ESPN's Rumor Central is an absolute joke. It is just a rehash of what is found in local newspapers and pure, factless speculation. ESPN Insider is really only good for Scouts, Inc. and its draft and scouting coverage.


Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Anquan Boldin has had an interesting season. First there was the whole "stolen equipment" issue in Chicago, then during the past week we read a report from the Arizona Republic that Cards coach Ken Whisenhunt was considering letting Boldin throw the ball a bit.


This is coming on the heels of an offseason where he was rumored to be traded to a slew of other teams, and it looks like those rumors are coming back into the mix. In fact, John Czarnecki of Fox Sports notes that Boldin "will probably get his trade wish granted in the off-season."


We'll keep you posted as to where that will be, but there are several prominent teams in severe need of a difference-maker at WR... cough cough Baltimore...

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Thanks...I get the picture....it's too early to talk about receivers for 2010.


Clayton and Washington disappointed me today...they were up against slappies....no seperation so it was "Joe Checkdown" day again.

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