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Patriots cut TE Zach Sudfeld


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"The 6-foot-7, 260-pound Sudfeld made the 53-man roster as an undrafted free agent "


I know he's a rook but with high expectations.....Could he possibly be any worse than what we have at that position now ?

Worth a look, on the cheap...




Gooo Ravens !!!!



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If Brady couldn't make it work with this guy..I doubt Joe would do any better. I think if Dickson has another bad game Harbs will bring up Furst.

They cut him to make room for Collie, that's the only reason.....They're hoping he clears waivers so they can sign him to PS....

I'm just going by what I read, but they are high on this guy, but need wr help right now....


Goooo Ravens.......Just Win Baby !!!!

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You can't teach size and that guys got it.... but for have sooo much promise BB thought he was the most expendable on the 53 man roster.

That's because Gronk is near return at anytime and they have Mulligan and Hoom.....That don't mean he's not a good player.

They have enough confidence in him to make the 53, that's more that Furst did, and I like him.


Ravens Town....Just Win Baby !!!!

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He had a great preseason for them, but he's definitely the developmental type. Not someone who is going to make an impact this year. He also apparently has a bad hamstring issue right now.

We sure don't need another injured player to nurse, if that's the case...I thought he was healthy.


SB Champs !!!!

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