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What is a jersey worth?


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Report From Buffalo: Kiko Alonso Jersey Traded For Blowjob

Sean from Buffalo claims to have witnessed a very unorthodox transaction before Sunday's game against the Chiefs:

I ordered a Kiko Alonso jersey for a friend who decided he didn't want it. So, in order to recoup the money I had already spent, I took it to the Bills game in an attempt to sell it during the tailgate.

My friends and I had been hanging out with the two guys parked next to us at the tailgate, and after a few hours of drinking, one of our new friends decides he's going to sell my jersey for me. A few minutes later he come back, with a young lady, and informs me that he's getting something for the jersey, and that he'll pay me for it. With him, was a young lady who had agreed to fellate him in exchange for the jersey.

Political candidate, rookie of the year favorite, matchmaker: Is there anything Kiko Alonso can't do?

Update: We tip our caps to the Bills:

Buffalo Bills @buffalobills Follow

A friendly reminder that The #Bills Store has a new shipment of Kiko Alonso jerseys: http://ow.ly/qzbwv

Our correspondent was reimbursed $50. He sent along two photos, the geotags and timestamps of which indicate they were taken at Ralph Wilson on Sunday afternoon. One, of the romantic setting of this guy's car. The second, of the woman wearing her purportedly hard-earned jersey during the game.



Funny responses



Traded For Blow Jobs

- Team jerseys

- Car rides

- Rent

- Backstage Access

Thrown In For Free

- DiginityWednesday 5:42pm



Broad shoulders, unnatural looking hair, flat chest, baggy pants, man hands.

Yep, that's a dude.Wednesday 6:30pm




In Buffalo, not only is there no question that's a woman, she's also about an 8.Wednesday 9:13pm


Goddammit, Chrissy, I said "Bills fans suck", not "Suck the Bills fans"......Wednesday 5:37pm






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