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I wonder how long it will be before Jim does what his father did


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ColtsFans...Ed Reed signs,goes to WR,with limited special packages for WR plays; backs up safety n plays some role n return game/Yes-no?



He can't help but keep in the public eye. He has to always but in. I think it is only a matter of time before he starts firing guys who disagree with him and making rash calls.

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Mt. Irsay finally erupts

In the aftermath of Sunday’s embarrassing loss to the Cardinals, which saw the Colts’ four-game halftime deficit climb to 93-12, it became mandatory to periodically check owner Jim Irsay’s Twitter feed.

But on Sunday night, there was nothing.

Monday? Nothing.

It finally came on Tuesday, via a barrage of tweets — five and perhaps counting.

The first: “7-4, 2 game lead, 5 to go with our injuries n schedule is something we’d take 3 months ago/But the play n last 10 out of 12 quarters-ALARMING.”

The second contained a comparison to a different sport, whose participants Donovan McNabb may or may not regard as athletes.

“In Golf you’re allowed 14 clubs..but if you’re playing with 9 clubs..U got to ho[l]d a 8 iron n hIt It like a 4 iron! Improvise n find a way!” Irsay said.

“Must find a way 2 win Division,no excuses,no explanations..hide weaknesses,accent strengthens/We gotta get our heads out of r butts-WAKE UP!” Irsay said in this third salvo, a message that takes on extra importance given that the Colts can essentially nail down one of the weakest divisions in football by completing a sweep of the Titans at home on Sunday.

And then came Irsay being Irsay: “I didn’t break the bank,millions cash over cap/Load Brinks Truck,only to be hijacked n stormed on the way 2 stadium by machine gun MANIACS!

The tone softened a bit with his fifth and (so far) final message.

“We’ll close ranks n stick together n BELIEVE! We’ll get it fixed n earn our Div/Camp Hats/Failure is not an option!! How Bad Do WE Want It!” Irsay said.

But winning the division should be easy at this point. The bigger challenge will be welcoming the No. 5 or No. 6 seed to Indy and winning a playoff game. The even greater challenge will be going on the road to play the Broncos, Chiefs, or Patriots in the divisional round.

Still, none of that will be relevant if the Colts can’t hold off Tennessee on Sunday. If Indy fails, we’ve got a feeling Irsay will be back on Twitter a lot earlier than Tuesday afternoon.


Maybe it's starting.

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