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I know its been mentioned before however I'm more then mildly concerned with it. Cam and company have to come up with some plays to circumvent the blitz. The last 2 games the Ravens looked pitiful when blitzed. Without some outlet options Flaccos gonna get hurt out there. Speaking of Flacco he looked dazed on and off the field last week to me. Is it possible he had an unreported concussion as he seemed to play the part?

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Good post. I believe the single largest factor in this game will Be Joe's ability to handle and beat the blitz. After his effort against Oakland (and you know Bellichick is all over that), Joe is going to have to win this game. He wont have the luxury of a huge running game this Sunday. NE will stack box and make Joe beat em.


This will be Joe's opportunity to take the next step. He will either step forward (win) or backward (lose). There will be no in between here.

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Demetrius Williams knows time could be running out

Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on June 20, 2010 9:33 AM ET

The Brian Billick-led Ravens burned through wide receivers like they did quarterbacks. Each season brought new hope for the explosive "wide receiver of the future."


Demetrius Williams looked like a big-play option back in 2006, but injuries and inconsistent hands stalled his career. After Baltimore added two receivers this offseason, he's fighting an uphill battle for a roster spot. He can barely get practice snaps.


Williams left the final two days of OTAs last week, allegedly in frustration about a lack of time on the field. He won't admit that, though.


"I wouldn't say I was frustrated," Williams told the Baltimore Sun. "I did my work [in camp]. I had things I had to take care of. . . . I would've loved to get more reps. That's just the way it was."


We doubt that skipping practice -- for any reason -- will help Williams get on the field more.

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