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Hey Millz....Eastern Shore right?

Sorry to disappoint you, just in Glen Burnie. But dreamin' of the day.... My wife is borderline hydrophobic, and hates the outdoors, I'm just waiting to get her and our daughter out on the beach....

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Somehow I lost access, got sidetracked with life, but now am back. Glad to see most of the posters I knew from before are still here, as well as many new ones.



Welcome back! Don't do that again. :)



I'll try not to, thanks. :)

Oh well, I did it again... sorry! anyway, back again. Not gonna explain this one, just happy the sight is still up; thanks for the reminder emails welcoming me back. Go Ravens!

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I moved down here April of 2012, no more winters, we swam christmas day, and January 11th I have pics of us on the beach, Im just north of Orlando, just south of Daytona..Spring Break in March, it was nippy, my BIL was down, and we actually lit a fire in the fire place..


If you're down this spring break you have to visit Blue Springs Park, its where the manatee spend their winters in the St Johns river, I have some great pictures from last year

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