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The 'R' Strand I while I'm proud to be a Raven


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Scientists have identified a specific protein in some folks DNA, most common to humans born within 50 miles or so of the Chesapeake Bay. Its called the 'R' strand. Or 'Ravens' strand. Even though I was born in 1964 and held Colt season tickets with the old man until the end, I have the 'R' strand. Its genetic, nothing you can do about it if you have it. There are no treatments or surgeries if you happen to be pre-disposed to living and dieing with your Ravens.

Sorry, lifetime deal. Thankgod, I was not born with the other semi-local strand, 'D' strand, or DeadSkin strand. What an awful genetic defect that is. It comes with so many other complications too. Way too many drugs needed to stay stable. Anyway.......


Now, on a less (or more) serious note. I have identified the Ravens as 'The team that rarely gets blown out but can (on occasion) blow you out'. While I am gushing still over this past Sunday's win, its not totally necessary regarding what I have known for a long time. I wonder if anybody has any stats of who might be the 'least blown out team in the NFL' over the past decade. I don't have those stats.


I'd bet the Ravens would be in the top three if not #1.

I guess some criteria would have to be established- like - what is a blowout? Likely not just 10 points or more but perhaps more than 2 touchdowns. I'd say anything over 15 points is a technical blowout on the scoreboard almost certainly. So as an example, while 23-10 sounds like a solid beating, 26-10 starts to sound like the start or border of a blowout, actually 26-10 is a blowout in most cases. I'd call it over 15 points just as an educated arbitrary number. (yes, I know there are many games where the score does not depict the true play on the field, but over time and by and large it statistically does).


I would love to know which teams since 2000 have sustained the least number of 'blowouts'. If I can find time I might come up with that number. Any of you stat gurus might already have a bead on it.


Anyway, its one of the reasons I am proud to be a Ravens fan. We very seldom get blown out and mostly are always in our games down to the fourth quarter. I'll bet we are on top in that stat over the past 5 - 10 years.


Another good thing that folks might not be thinking about, this team is a better, different team right now. Yes, it was the Lions, Bears, and now Pats. But the Ravens have 3 blowouts in their last 5 games. That spells of a different team. Oh, and those same Lions and Bears did not get blown out in post Ravens or Previous games like we did to them. They are NFL teams, I think its legit. Just another small potential oriented thing I like going forward. To Indy...with a ton of confidence. I don't expect the Ravens to Blowout the Colts. I'd be shocked if the Colts blew out the Ravens and not that surprised if we beat them soundly or even blew them out. Just my take.

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Perhaps that "R" strand DNA explains the personality change I undergo in the fall on Sunday afternoons.


It's rare to get blown out when you have a defense like the Ravens.

Conversely...teams like the Colts with high scoring offenses rarely get blown out.

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Nostradamus recently uncovered book (the lost quatrains) even speaks of the battle between the Ravens and Steelers. To boil it down, it basically says that terrible things between Baltimore and Pittburgh are going to happen more frequently. Pretty scary.


18:123.2 "As the new Delaware rifle unlocks its expedient and lethal score, the old one shall still defend the purple city" ... (to me this is the best one, unbelieveably wild but its there)


18.123.6 "The city of steel shall burn and its patrons mourn a new era, eating and devouring themselves"


19.001.2 "The smile of the Hines river shall frown and bleed upon its only birth giver"


19.001.7 "worthless Burgers shall take over neighboring towns only to find converts to the purple siege"

(I take this as being Rothlesburger some how - Burgers were like mayors of cities or something).


Check it out. Its all in that new Nostradomus book. Maybe a 2012 AFC championship RAVENS/STEELERS

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