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Black Uniforms Gone

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The all-black, that is. Harbaugh doesn't like the all-black look, so the pants will be white.


I personally think it'll be hideous; I like the white jersey/black pants, but not this.


Source is from the Sun's McGahee article:

The Ravens won't wear the usual all-black uniforms for national television because Harbaugh doesn't like the look. Instead, the players are expected to wear black jerseys with white pants.


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No more "Blackouts"!

Just admit it didn't work for the Ravens or Terps and move on.




Asked whether beating the Redskins would give them bragging rights inside the clubs around town, defensive end-linebacker Terrell Suggs said: "I'm not going to a nightclub. Haven't you heard what happened this past week?"


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Guest BallTMore

Too bad. I was also a fan of the all black uniforms. The white jersey with black pants is awesome, but I'm not sure the black/white combo is going to work.



Oh well, as long as we win I don't care what colors we wear.

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