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NFL Insider: Ravens want lower price tag?


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There's been a lot of speculation over the past month as to where Brandon Marshall will wind up for 2010. Mike Klis of the Denver Post noted on Friday that despite Marshall being contrite about this past season, he's likely to be shopped anyway. On Sunday, the Post had word from Denver owner Pat Bowlen that he'd like it if Brandon stayed a Bronco, but wouldn't block a trade if coach Josh McDaniels wanted it.


Any team could use a player as talented on the field as Marshall, but not every team wants to deal with the possibility of his off-the-field issues. We've speculated that the Pats and Cowboys would be two teams on the cusp of Super Bowl runs who might take a shot, and a week ago, Klis added the Cleveland Browns to the mix. Former Broncos and Ravens TE Shannon Sharpe said this week that "I know personally there are three teams out there who are going to make a move for Brandon Marshall." Are the Ravens -- one of his former teams, along with the Broncos -- in the mix? AFC North blogger James Walker doesn't think so, unless the Broncos lower the asking price:




James Walker

Return package too rich for Ozzie's blood


"It would be an upset if Baltimore lands Marshall this offseason, especially if the Ravens give up a first- and third-round pick for him. General manager Ozzie Newsome doesn't believe in giving away high draft picks, so I don't see him pulling off that deal. If, for whatever reason, the Broncos were willing to lower their asking price, the Ravens would be more interested."



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And here's Walker's comment on Troy Smith:


James Walker

What will Bills offer for Smith?


"The trade value question is always difficult, because it's really dependent on the teams and its need for Smith. A team with a major need at quarterback, such as the Buffalo Bills for instance, might be willing to give up a third-rounder. Another team may only be willing to trade a fourth- or fifth-round pick. So there is no firm way to answer that question."

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Don't know where to put this but I'd pass on Stallworth...even though he could come cheap. He did drive drunk. He did kill a man. He's been out of football for a year and his numbers have been declining for several years now...plus he can't stay healthy (see LJ Smith).

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