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Wild FInish - Terps and GT


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Didn't see it (out skiing) but got lots of updates and have seen video...


Terps and GT going back and forth all game... shot for shot through the final minute...


Terps go up 3 with 55 left, then just 1... back and forth, back and forth...


With 2 seconds left they let GT get a tip-in on an offensive rebound... down 1 with 2s to go.


Inbound. Greivis Vasquez... GOOD FROM HALFCOURT! But Gary took a timeout... No shot.


Inbound. Cliff Tucker GOOD FOR 3!


Two game-winners in a minute. Unbelievable. Terps know how to win, folks.

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That game had me on the edge of my seat all the way. Insane fantastic finish.


It was an important win too (19) because not as many ACC teams will get into the tournament this year.


It was also a time to reflect on what an incredible career Vasquez has had at Maryland.

Let this sink in...we're talking about the ACC All Time... with the it's huge list of incredible players and Vasquez is the FIRST ACC player to reach 2,000 points, 700 assists and 600 rebounds. It was definately the right and best thing for him to come back this year.

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