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Young Ravens Showing Leadership


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While Ray Lewis is showing no signs of slipping from the NFL’s elite, the Ravens will lose a lot of leadership when he finally decides to hang up his cleats.


So who could be next in line to assume that mantle?


According to the 10-time Pro Bowler, the Ravens already have their fair share of leaders, but Lewis specifically pointed to three promising young pros.


"You look at a Michael Oher, he’ll probably do it in a more quiet way, but he won’t be quiet when he’s playing," Lewis told BaltimoreRavens.com earlier this week. "A lot of times, you can lead by example. Ray Rice has been one of my go-to’s because of his humility and his heart. Lardarius Webb, I love that kid. His wherewithal in the game and life itself, he has a different perspective.


"There are a lot of guys here that are really going to keep this organization going."





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I'll go with what Ray says...he should be the best to recognize the qualities needed for leadership.


In Rice's rookie year he sold me. During camp McGahee was hurt, McLain out of shape...so Rice was getting all the carries...and the beatings but he just jumped right back up.


Michael Oher has that desire, drive and determination. He can elevate that line.



Have to agree on Webb...that secondary got better overnight when he started. He was showing them up...showing them how to play fast and physical.


Suggs could emerge as a leader this year.

He's off to a good start by being here for the OTA's.


"I'm too young to be a leader...but wait till you can see the moves I got!"


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Good stuff max. Yes, it is of critical importance for Suggs to step up and be a leader. It seems like Suggs has gotten the message. Ray and Harbs have these guys in the right mindset: Webb, Oher, Rice, these guys are all hard workers. Even throw Flacco into that group, I am sure he wasn't thrilled about being shipped out to California to work with a baseball coach, but the guy will do whatever it takes to be the best QB he can be.

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