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Pre-Draft Press Conference at 4


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I just listened to 25 minutes of it on the Ravens website. Even though it's the "Liars Luncheon", you can get good insight into how Ozzie and the front office are building this team. It's an extremely competetive league so a solid FO is vital if you're to seperate yourself from the pack. The Ravens are building for the opening day game and for 2-3 years down the road. They want to stay competetive every year.


I'm pumped and ready for the draft in 9 days.


"I'll be back."


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Morning marijuana and midnight rape.


And in related news... we HAVE to be the most controversial division in the NFL, and the latest Steelers fiascos only sealed the deal.


The Browns, always late to the party, blessed us with Shaun Rogers' airport assault a few weeks back, and it's no secret that us and the Bengals have our share of "controversial" players in the mix. These two knuckleheads from Steel-town are only carrying on the AFC North tradition. And as far as the Jets go, they can thank Rex for bringing a little AFC North to the Big Apple.

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