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MacPhail "Threatening"


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Pretty much saying that if the bats don't pick up, changes will be made... specifically looking at Luke Scott, I'd say. Atkins, Reimold, Lugo, Izturis as well. Maybe even Jones to an extent.


Nice to see... but I don't know who we'd bring up from Norfolk or anywhere else. Bell and Snyder? I guess. But no guarantees they outproduce. Well, I guess it would be hard NOT to outproduce Scott, but still.


Maybe it will be Crowley to go...




Of the group above... Jones is frustrating me most. I am starting to get the feeling he's lazy and arrogant. Last year he showed steady growth, then regressed and seemingly didn't respond to constructive criticism. This year we've already heard that he's not listening to coaches telling him to play back a step in the outfield... and his numbers batting aren't exactly stunning. At what point does he realize he's not "all that?"

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Adam Jones has 27 strikeouts and only 3 walks...that's unacceptable. Luke Scott isn't even batting his weight and looks completely lost at the plate.


Bring up Patterson to play center and Turner to play 2nd, this way Wigginton can DH and his poor defense won't cost us anymore runs.

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"There is going to come a time where we’re going to be obligated to keep making changes in terms of offensive personnel and they’re going to get the opportunity to head to [Triple-A] Norfolk and hone their swings because they’re not doing anything to help us now," said MacPhail. "I would say there isn’t a great deal of time left before they have to start doing more than what they’re doing now. I’m not staying with them forever. It’s not a suicide pact. They either have to start performing or they’ll go to Norfolk."



He means it. Good for McPhail.


Now...follow through.

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Dont worry, Crowley is on the case! he'll work with the boys and get them going.

I cannot f****** understand why no one has ever thought he's the problem. All the managers and players that have come and gone, and he's still here? Is he Pete's best friend or something?

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Well... it's a league-wide feeling from what I understand.


So the question remains... is the Jones we saw last year... the Markakis we see every year... the Roberts that has developed... are those products we need to credit to Crowley? is he not doing anything for them? is he actually holding them back?


Is Scott's struggle because he can do no better... Crowley is fucking with him? Or is he at his very best right now thanks to Crowley's help, and he's just that bad?

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