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Steve Smith Sends Mild Message To NFL


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You have to admire his honesty...




Steve Smith Sr. has a sort of farewell tour planned as he finishes up the final season of his 15-year NFL career.

Count me as one ridiculously excited person to watch the scene Smith describes:

"It will be a farewell tour for me but let me be very clear: I will wound, damage and puncture a lot of people on my way out," Smith said Tuesday on The Rich Eisen Show in the video below.

He goes on.

"Let me tell you something: I'm playing with house money," he said. "You know what's dangerous when you're playing with house money? You don't have no regard. I'm all in with your money. You know what they say when you're playing with other people's money: you just be reckless, you do stupid things with it. That's what I'm going to do."

If you thought Smith was dangerous before with “blood and guts” everywhere when he played his former team, or when he dominated Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib and told him to “Ice up, son,” apparently you ain’t seen nothing yet.

“Put the women and children to bed. It's not going to be a good night," Smith said.http://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/article-1/Late-For-Work-812-If-A-Teammate-Ever-Broke-Joe-Flaccos-Jaw-/72e96ec8-ef9b-4ed1-8d88-2706b30e4f63


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He is 85 receptions away from 1,000 for his career, I wonder if he will get there. Age catches up with everyone, especially as the season goes on.


Last year, however, he slowed down in the middle of the season, but came back strong at the end.


30 receptions in the first 5 games


19 in the next five games


22 for the next five


finished up with 8 in the last game and 8 total in the 2 playoff games. 79 total in the regular season.



He said he dropped 10 passes last year and figures he can make them up, do better... It should be fun to see...

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Interesting stat:


@CollinsworthNBC: Most passing yards lost due to drops in 2014:


1. Ravens 472

2. Falcons 390

3. Saints 366


Least? Cowboys with just 98

(Per @PFF)


Heard an interview with Smith: said he was thinking of retiring after last year but his kids told him they would move to Baltimore so he could play another year. Smith's oldest son is a senior in HS and is being recruited by Hopkins to play soccer. Smith sounds like a good family man.

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SR said he was going to be a stay at home dad when he retires. With his money,

he can do it. He's a great family man.


Ravens were fortunate to have him in his final days in football. Yea, Sr, ran out of

gas but so did McNair here. He played 16 games and ran out of gas for the big playoff

game vs Indy where he lost it throwing a pick over the middle on the goal line.


There were more Indy players around the ball than Ravens because they knew where it

was going. Hell, everyone in Baltimore knew where the ball was going. Anyway, getting

these old timers can be great for the youngsters to learn. Marlon Brown said he is

always in his hip pocket following him around.

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