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Their Big Chance has Arrived


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Williams and Gerard will be seeing a lot of PT at corner during the mini camps and training camp. They've had time to learn the system and now their big chance to make it in the NFL has arrived.

Damn it would be great if one of them develops into a solid corner like Webb.

They'll be tested by Bouldin, Mason and Stallworth. If they can cover them they can cover anybody.


Right now there are only 5 healthy corners on the roster....Foxworth, Carr, Williams, Gerard and Paschal.

They may be the "starters going into the season. Think about that!


“I’ve never had an opportunity like this where a team didn’t draft any corners,” said Williams, who was signed from the Tennessee Titans last year. “I feel like the staff has confidence in me, and this is a chance to go out and show what I can do. I’ve only been in the league for two years, and I’ve always had to fight against new guys they drafted.

Gerard was listed as a safety during his rookie season, but the lanky 6-foot-1, 192-pounder said he expects to play cornerback for the first few practices. It won’t be difficult, considering Gerard set a Northern Arizona school record with 19 interceptions as a corner.


“I’ve been really working on cornerback this offseason, but that’s what I played in college,” explained Gerard. “Hopefully, that all will come back. Safety is still something I’ll do, but I feel good about corner, too.”



Be hungry!

Play your ass off!... :)


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A lot of people where very high on Gerard during last year's training camp. I have my fingers crossed that he shows up as well at CB as he did at safety. That could answer some of our needs for a CB help.

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