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It wasn't all bad


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Joe had an excellent night. He had a perfect QB rating at the end of the 1st quarter and finished 8 for 13 for 137 yards and a 10. 5 ypp with 1 TD. He also lead 2 more scoring drives and we all know about the Gilmore TD that was called back.

Steve Smith looked great.


The 1st unit D was excellent also. They stopped the run and shut out the Re!#$^#$ O.


Intangible: Steve Smith's aggressive attitude has been picked up by all 3 of the Ravens TE's. It was telling what we didn't see. Trestman knows his 3 TE's can beat the LB's and safeties, run over them and move the chains. Knowing that, he is not testing the middle of the field, but he will....when the season begins. We have seen enough of Crockett and Williams bowling over tacklers. Boyle was a man among boys during mop up. He was pushing around anybody in front of him. Joe has a major weapons arsenal here....bye bye Pita.




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Cousins was the quarterback, let us see how well they do when a real quarterback is on the other team. Time will tell but I am not sold on the secondary, even if Webb and Smith are in there.


I was very impressed with Gilmore, he has taken on a new personanlity after he catches the ball. Speaking of catching it, he is alwso snatching the ball out of the air, he is a beast and if he stays healthy, could have a great season.

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Secondary concerns me as well. Jimmy Smith said he isn't 100%. Melvin and Walker have good physical tools but are still inexperienced and learning. I'm not sure if Webb will ever get back to what he was when we gave him a long-term deal. Real shame because Webb was an absolute beast.


I like Arrington's game a lot. However, if the other guys can't perform we'll be forced to play Arrington out of position. He's best in the slot. I think we'll be good at safety, but CB depth definitely worries me.


I am extremely excited to see Gilmore this season. The guy is built like a mountain and has surprising athleticism. I loved his aggressiveness and trash talking this week! I think we might have a real player with Gilmore.

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