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Everyone give Jimmy a big THANK UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU


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FOR THIS after so many wanted to off him last week but some of us aid he'd be OK

and wasn't 100% yet:



Turning Point Of The Game
The Ravens defense stepped up when faced with a fourth-and-1 from their 33-yard line in overtime. Cornerback Jimmy Smith, who had a brutal game less than a week earlier against Cincinnati, was close in coverage on the Steelers’ final incompletion, giving the Ravens the ball with good field position.
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Well in his defense, it would of made the highlight reel as the catch of the week



4th down, chains to his side, over time. Nothing more could prove the receiver to his side was doing a simple out route, past the sticks. Yet Smith was a mile away, playing as if it would be a double move.................

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Vick rushed the throw. There was not much pressure but he did not set his feet. Granted the play was run to the right and Vick is a left handed QB and had to throw across body after the play action. If anything the play call was bad and didn't have a high chance of success given the factors.

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Man, some of you guys are just hard. Give credit where it's deserved. Jimmy had him

covered. Look at the tape. If he caught the

TD you'd be whining again. Nothing is picture perfect. The Ravens won in Pissburgh again

which is like the whole season to us and you're still bitching.

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