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FBGP's 2016 NFL Midseason Mock Draft


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2 things, one just for curiosity sake... do you have permission to use the NFL logo? :bleh:



2, no chance they take Nkemdiche. The Ravens have enough money tied up in the rush ends and they have a solid, young core group for the defensive line.....


I also question the statement of him having the most uip side of any draft eligable defensive player. He often takes plays off, mostly because he is doubt teams a bunch, but is there more to that fact? There are a number of others who have far more upside and your number 2 selection is one of them. Jalen Ramsey can play two positions, his great instincts are why, his athletism takes him over the top. I am not sure he goes #2, maybe top 5, most likely top 8... we shall see.... But he is a better prospect than Robert is at this point.... Yes, it is just my opinion and this is all just for discusion.... :mask:



No way Boyd is the first wide out taken, no way he goes top five, only the Browns would make that dumb (sorry) of a move and well, you have them taking the linebacker from ND.


Ok, you had me rolling with Cardell Jones going top 10, seriously, not even the Texans are that dumb. Limited game exposure, even when he has played, it is a simplified play sheet, reading just half the field, with far better athletes on his side of the ball vs his compition.... Myer has found this out to be very, very true, thus, his benching of the four game wonder.... Scott Mitchel comes to mind.... :cop:



Ooops that was more than 2 things, my bad,.....

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