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Cameron fired up about Ravens' passing game


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Coordinator Cam Cameron is excited about his new stable of receivers, but he doesn't foresee any major changes in the Ravens' offense. To put it mildly, the Ravens won't become pass-happy.


They just want to become more pass efficient.


"Pumped and excited would be the right words about how I feel about our offense," Cameron said. "We just have to look at the numbers. We don't need to throw the ball more; we just need to throw it better, execute the passing game better."


A year ago, the Ravens were fairly balanced. They ran the ball 466 times for 2,200 yard and 22 touchdowns. They passed 510 times for 321 completions, 3,637 yards and 21 touchdowns.


But the passing game was limited. They didn't attack the deep middle of the field in their regular offense and didn't have a go-to player for the middle inside the opponent's 20-yard line.


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I love Cam but he's on the hot seat now. He has everything an OC can ask for and now it's time to reap the rewards.

My money says he does it.


He should be able to destroy defenses.

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