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Don't forget the Butler - Jeremy Butler


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Somebody has to do something.

Being a receiver on the Ravens roster is the opportunity of a lifetime. There are no set starters...including Perriman.....everything's up for grabs.

Any of these players can make a career in the NFL. The door is wide open for them with nobody blocking it.... but they have to step up and seize the day.... now.

"Tomorrow" the Ravens will bring in another group of potential receivers and the door closes for this group.

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Aiken stepped up Monday night with 80 yards receiving. Trestman did a great job designing

some routes that fit his style instead of the other way around. So the Ravens were

flexible and it paid off.


Butler did OK too and Ravens have high hopes.


Also, Ryen Jensen has played well filling in for KO. Jensen fell in the draft because of a

broken foot. Ravens took him at the bottom. Then he battled Wagner for RT after Oher left

but promptly fell behind. He was listed as #1 back up for all the line positions but started

last year on the practice squad.


He was supposed to be pretty good but no one knew what happened. He went backward.


Prob was, he had sleep apnea. Coaches didn't like it when he fell asleep during team

meetings and during practice but he didn't have enough oxygen. They got him examined and \

gave him a bi pap machine to sleep with so he'd have oxygen at night.


It's all related to weight and Ryan's weight went up. On the practice squad he started to

get it down and made the team this year as a top backup with Urschel. His weight is

under control and the machine is helping him so he isn't sleeping during the day.


I had the same problem and sleep with a machine. We were flying out to the playoff game

in Indy several years and and we're half way there and I said shit man, I forgot my bi pap.

My friend said how are you going to sleep.


I said I'm not sleeping at all. I was afraid to w/o it so I sat in a chair Sat and Sun nights.

We left on Mon and I made it. It's a little awkward during sex because the hose gets

in the way. That's one of the probs but my partner was a pre med major and knows all

about it and is patient.


She loves the machine because I can't snore any more.

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