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Buck Allen the only Ravens rookie that has impacted


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He's easily Ravens OROY filling in for Forsett he has gained 118 yards and 16 receptions in last

2 games. He has grade A lower body power which allows him to be shifty and move in and out of



The rest of the Ravens rookie class hasn't done well including #1 pick Perriman and # 2 Maxx

Williams and Z. Smith for starters but it takes 3 years to judge a draft.


Some fans think Buck was drafted for his receiving more than his running.





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Yes indeed. That's why I was so disappointed with Boyle. He was my favorite rookie, a

big tough mean looking football the way you're suppose to be. NFL will also suspend

him in the beginning of season but hopefully he learned his lesson.


He's made a couple of big catches.


Maxx Williams as the article states has played frequently but hasn't done much yet but

there is a lot of potential for both these guys. Maxx made a big catch and jumped over a guy

for a TD in a recent game.

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Maxx is 21. He was red shirted in college so he only played 2 yrs of college ball and had the speed to get open down field and be a

mis match. However, his combines time in the 40 was 4.77 and that dropped him out of the first round.


Here's an old scouting report on him which says he should contribute as a rookie and is good insurance if Pitta doesn't return.


Well, he didn't impact while playing frequently. His stats are:


19 receptions for 168 yards and 1 Td



Nicky Boyle from whittle bittle Delaware had almost the exact same stats.


18 receptions for 153 yds and 0 TDs



I was surprised with Nick and disappointed with Maxx.



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