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No Running Up This Mountain


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Sorry Bengals...sorry Steelers...you are not running on the Ravens this year.


I'm talking about the addition of defensive tackle Terrence Cody, a second-round pick who is so big and strong that he's known as "Mount" Cody. But it's not Cody's size or strength that has coaches talking at this spring's OTAs. It's his quickness, with one insider comparing it to that of former Ravens star Sam Adams, who helped plug the middle so effectively when the Ravens won Super Bowl XXXV.


"We are really, really pleased with the player we see," defensive coordinator Greg Mattison said. "All the things we hoped, all the things we thought we saw either on film or at our workout or heard by word of mouth from coaches we respect ... all those things up to this point have been coming through."


That's not good for anyone thinking about running at these guys. First in line is Cincinnati, which beat Baltimore twice and lapped the AFC North behind Benson's' career-best 1,251 yards. Then there's Pittsburgh, the division champion the previous two years. The Steelers want to run more effectively than they have in the past, relying more on their offensive line than Ben Roethlisberger's right arm, and the idea is a good one ... except against Baltimore.




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