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Interesting, surprising stat about D

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yea.....that's nice but they are 22nd in points surrendered and the team is #30 in the give away/ take away.

They gave more than they took. That may get them into heaven, but not the playoffs.


Here's the points surrendered top 10; Cincy, KC, Seattle, Denver, Ariz, Vikings,. JETS!, NE, Carolina GB.

Get the trend? All playoff bound.


The SB winning team usually, not always, but usually, is around top 5 in points surrendered. Top 5 O and Top 5 D in this category is almost a lock to go all the way.


Another key stat: 3rd down. Ravens D is 26th at getting off the field.

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Got it Max! Was just stating a positive - a silver liner - in spite of the horrific year. Points are what matter and we are near the bottom. Of course, let's not forget the points given away by the QBs - pick 6's and the last second TDs.


Still, at the end of day, your right - it's point scored and allowed. Hopefully, we see improvement in that category next season .

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