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Team rankings based on QB


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7. Pittsburgh Steelers: OK, let's get this out of the way: Roethlisberger is a mess off the field and that's the reason the Steelers aren't ranked No. 4 overall, if not higher. His suspension means Byron Leftwich is the likely starter to open the season. Further, Roethlisberger has tarnished the incredible legacy he was in the midst of building. Yeah, he's unconventional and people like me have taken a long time to warm to how he plays, but he's a truly stunning player when you really look at the results, which include some dazzling playoff numbers.


11. Cincinnati Bengals: There was a time that Carson Palmer(notes) threw the ball like a Greek god and put up numbers to match. Age, injury and changes to the receiving corps have altered the view of Palmer, who now appears to be at something of a crossroads in his career. It's worth wondering whether Palmer, 30, will ever really deliver on his promise or whether his career will get swallowed up by the swirling vortex of suckage that is the Bengals organization.


13. Baltimore Ravens: For those who doubted then-rookie Joe Flacco(notes) two years ago (yeah, yeah, that would include me), he has done a fabulous job as the starter. Now that he has a deep and diverse receiving corps (hello, Anquan Boldin(notes)), there's a chance that the defensive-minded Ravens might actually become an offensive team. Hey, Ray Lewis(notes) can't play forever, even if he thinks he can.


31. Cleveland Browns: The Browns purged the roster of Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn early in the offseason and then got Jake Delhomme(notes) and drafted Colt McCoy(notes). In short, they got an older (albeit more accomplished) version of the wild-armed Anderson and a guy with far less physical presence than Quinn. McCoy is the future, but he's unlikely to play this season. And if McCoy doesn't put on at least 20 pounds, opposing defensive linemen are going to snap him like a chicken wing when he finally does play.






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