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I need one more choice on the voting ballot


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Let me get this clear....I think Hillary is just as criminal and unscrupulous as Donald.

That's why I started this thread "I need one more choice..."


Faced with horrible choices I had to take a leap of faith as to which candidate would not take us back to the dark ages.

I had to squint and close my eyes as I voted. I felt dirty and frustrated and mad at how low we have sunk as a nation.


The young people saw through all the bullshit. There just wasn't enough of them voting.


Had only millennials voted, Clinton would've won the election in a landslide, with 473 electoral votes to Trump's 32....http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/what-this-election-taught-us-about-millennial-voters/ar-AAk6CHP?li=BBnbkly


We are at a very critical crossroads as a Nation and planet. The young see it. We needed a leader with vision, one who could set the plan or bridge into a stable, growing future with hope and security for all. Someone who would unite us. We had no choices.

This planet is on fire and it's dying. Time is running out...fast. The young get it.

Hilary is not that hope, but she would have worked hard on global problems that affect everyone. It's all tied together. The economy, global warming, our relationship with other nations, your family business's and jobs, the global banking collapses as things get worse everywhere in the next decade or 2.


I get your point Rob and 52.

My point is ...well...seeing Putin congratulating Trump tells the whole story.

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