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Preseason Tickets - Special Olympics


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Mods - if you can pin this, it would be greatly appreciated.

As some of you may know, I collect donations of Ravens preseason tickets so that Special Olympics athletes may attend. If any of you have any preseason tickets of games you cannot attend, and you cannot sell them, please donate them so Special Olympics athletes can attend for free. You can PM me or email me at fdgrau @ yahoo.com.

If you donate tickets, please provide me with your mailing address so I can send you a receipt.

I need to ask another favor. I am in the process of moving and the 1st preseason game is in between my two settlements (I'll actually be homeless for 2 weeks). I am having my mail forwarded. However, if you can donate the tickets electronically (baltimoreravens.com), it will simplify my life getting the tickets disbursed.



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I just PM'ed you with Special Olympics (somd.org) contacts to verify. Also, if you provide me with your email address, I can forward you some prior email traffic regarding this.

FYI, my son is heavily involved in Special Olympics - which means I'm heavily involved. I am a softball coach and a snow shoe coach. I'm also a season ticket holder (with my son) - Section 521, row 8. I make sure that I don't profit a dime from this so there's no conflicts of interest.
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