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Ravens won't sign Sergio Kindle until he's cleared to play


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Ravens won't sign Sergio Kindle until he's cleared to play

Posted by Mike Florio on August 13, 2010 5:05 PM ET

Last night, the Ravens played their first preseason game of the year. Rookie linebacker Sergio Kindle wasn't there.


Kindle continues to recover from a fractured skull that he suffered more than three weeks ago in a fall at a friend's house. We're told that he's out of the hospital, that he's spending at least part of his time at a rehab facility, and that he watched last night's game against the Panthers on ESPN.


Kindle has yet to sign a rookie deal, however. Per a league source, the Ravens don't plan to sign Kindle until he is cleared to play football again. The problem, from Kindle's perspective, is that he may never be cleared to play football again.


And if it happens, it apparently won't happen in 2010. Rich Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News reportedly has said that the Ravens do not expect Kindle to play at all in 2010.


Some of you have asked whether Kindle had insurance to protect him against a career-ending injury. We're told that, indeed, he does.


So even if Kindle never gets paid by the Ravens, he'll get paid by the insurance company. Unless, of course, the insurance company can attribute the fractured skull to a pre-existing condition.

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Smart move by the Ravens... but I feel bad for the guy. High expectations for himself and something like this happens. Hope he recovers, and if not I hope he made backup plans.

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Yea...I feel terrible for Kindle too. His dream was becomming real and then the carpet gets yanked out from under him (no pun intended).


This is a big loss for all involved.

All is not over...this has to play itself out and hopefully Sergio makes a full recovery and can continue his dream.


This could have gone down as one of the Ravens best drafts...maybe their second best.

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