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A Peek @ Possible 2011

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Want to know what NFL football could look like in 2011?


You saw it last night. Replacement football.


The Owners surely must be aware of the potential product and don't want that... and as fans...I can't see spending the huge ticket prices to attend home games.


A lockout would be a killer.

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God U suck!!!!!!!!!


You know dam right well there will be no work stoppage.



Comming from Mr. Union!


There won't be if the owners watched those games. The Players Union can say "Hey! If this is the kind of football you want the public to watch then 'Fine!'...don't pay us. We'll sit. Call us when you want some fans in the seats and TV revenue."

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You got it wrong Max, the owners & players union know what they have. They have the biggest money making machine in the world, they will not throw it away. This is a hell of alot different from the late 70's when the players struck, there were no where near the revenue of what there is today..No cable, no NFL Channel, No naming rights to stadiums, very little player apparel sold like we see today.


If they struck, they might as well put nooses around each and everyones neck that is associated with the NFL today. The NFL would have to fold, the sponsors that would pull out would be devistating. The only teams that would possibly survive would be Wash, NY Jets & Giants and the Raiders.


This 18 game schedule is just a bargaining chip for the owners, the players are voicing their opinions against it, THATS WHAT THE OWNERS WANT, its called leverage.


The NFL is not even a billion dollar operation, its a trillion dollar one..They are not going to throw that away.

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