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Ravens Trade Antwan Barnes

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The Ravens and Eagles have completed a trade, sending defensive end Antwan Barnes to Philadelphia.


Baltimore gets an undisclosed 2011 draft pick in the deal.


Barnes has played a total of 38 games in the last three seasons, without any starts.


Barnes may be best known for a brutal hit he delivered on Eagles punter Sav Rocca. We'll be curious to know what Rocca says the first time Barnes walks into the Eagles' locker room.


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Guest BallTMore

Just getting ready to post this.


I guess there wasn't any room on the roster for Barnes with the log-jam at LB. He wasn't good for much except rushing the QB, and he rarely got there anyway.

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The sad thing is that he will probably thrive in Philly's 4-3 defense where he will be a one-dimensional pass rusher.



Maybe... against the pass... but he get's thrown around when teams road grade. He's just not big enough. He's fast but not strong.


Talk about sad things...McLain, Ellerbe, Gooden and Barnes all are 1 dimensional too....so this Barnes trade tells me their market value.

The Ravenss have been bringing in a ton of talent to develop at LB over the past few years and nobody has emereged. Just like their search for cornerbacks, they are comming up short. Ozzie has brought in a ton of corners since drafting McAlister and Starks and only recently has he had any success there....and then it's been via Free Agency.

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