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The dark side of Ravens vs Stealers

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Very interesting tid bit out of Vegas..The point spread for our game opened up as the Ravens favored by 1 point..By Wednesday afternoon, 68% of all money bet in Vegas was placed on the Stealers +1 point..So naturally, if Vegas wants to break even, they would "move" the point spread to Even or at 68% the Steelers would deserve to be favored by 1..But what did Vegas do, the made the Ravens 2 1/2 point favorites for Sundays game. This is turning into a "trap" bet..Something in my gut is telling me there will be some upset Stealer Bandwagon fans thruout PA pissed off come 7:30 Sunday Night..


My bet is already secured on site, Im on the Ravens -2 1/2 points..

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They're all bandwagon fans crav. You never hear from them when the Steelers are having a bad year.


Their last Super Bowl win was so lame. Rthsllxxsbrrgrrr has the worst performance for any SB QB and it was clear to all football fans that the refs did everything they could to kill Seattle's momentum and stop the killshot drives that would put the Stealers away.


Hence they will forever be known as the Stealers.



For the Thumb

That they sit upon.

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I think one for the thumb should be our battle cry, after all we do have 4 NFL Championships in Baltimore..


February in Tampa, has a nice feel to it...



A win Sunday and I will definately be feeling that. Right now I'm "guardedly optimistic".




but I'll tell you...I can see the Ravens winning out.





So the Steelers are the only strong team the Ravens have left to play.

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