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Want To Smell Like Ray Lewis?

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Riding the popularity of one of the most-successful social media campaigns in history, Ray Lewis has jumped aboard the Old Spice ship.


In the process, he also jumped aboard a giant, laser-shooting raven with rocket boosters coming out of its tail end.


That’s the premise of Lewis’ new Old Spice commercial, which airs nationally during the NFL’s 2010 kickoff game between the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings on Thursday night.


Old Spice Commercial

The advertisement follows the same vein as the “Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign. In addition to the well-received commercials and print ads, Old Spice created and uploaded over 180 YouTube video responses to fan questions sent via Twitter and Facebook this summer.


In the Lewis showcase, he emerges from the shower wearing a full lather of Old Spice Swagger Body Wash suds. As he grabs a saddle for the giant Raven, he tells the audience, “I don’t play fantasy football. I play for-real football. It takes hard work. A little luck. A pinch of salt. And this – Old Spice Swagger Body Wash.”


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Personally I like the GameDay scent over Swagger.


I catch myself 4-5 times a day looking around to make sure nobody is watching me, then I lift my arm, fan the subtle GameDay aroma towards my distended nostrals and tilt my head back to experience that heavenly bouquet.

A few long, slow deep breaths and I'm good for a 2-3 hours.

I find it more refreshing and cleansing than Yoga breathing.


I can't believe nobody got the Saturn connection....


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