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Kevin Byrne

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I always enjoy reading Kevin Byrne's weekly Ravens 'Inside' commentary. This was on Ray's press conference and speech to the team last week and it's impact. This is why I gave Ray a game ball (well...I didn't actually hand him one...you know what I mean... :) )


Now jump to last Monday – about three hours before the scheduled start to the Ravens/Jets game. Just before our buses were scheduled to leave our hotel, Michele Tafoya (on ESPN) reported from the field at the New Meadowlands Stadium about a conversation she had with Rex Ryan. Tafoya, a respected reporter, said that Ryan told her that the Ravens' defense lacked some of the technique and discipline it once had.


I noticed two things soon after: 1) The coaches and the players were talking about the report on the bus (they typically watch ESPN the day of a night game); and 2) What Michele said really irritated a number of our players and coaches.


Just before the Ravens left the locker room to be introduced to the Jets' crowd prior to kickoff, Coach Harbaugh asked Ray, who had seen the report, if he wanted to say anything to the team. I wasn't there, but I heard Ray's brief speech was thrilling. From what I was told, he told the players and coaches that he was tired of the disrespect that had been showed to the Ravens last week. He asked players and coaches to look at the people next to them and let them know how much you respect each other, and now let's go show the Jets and the world that we deserve everyone's respect. In other words, it was clear that the players and the coaches had each other's backs.


All makes me very proud to be part of the Ravens.





In the locker room after the game, there were about 40 to 50 reporters interviewing Ray Lewis. Ray Rice was leaving the area at the same time. Little Ray shouted out to Big Ray: "Ray, if you ever hit me in practice like you hit that guy at the end of the game, we will not be friends. You hear me, we will not be friends." You couldn't see Lewis through the throng, but you could hear him laugh and pronounce: "I'll never do that to little brother."



and we're proud to be Ravens fans Kevin!


This is the kind of stuff that can set the tone for the defense for this whole season. Watch their technique and discipline dominate.



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Tafoya, a respected reporter, said that Ryan told her that the Ravens' defense lacked some of the technique and discipline it once had.



I find that VERRRRYYYYY ironic given that #1 we won because of his defense's lack of discipline and #2 when he was coach here our defense was out of control!

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