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Empowerment from Ravens Website

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I really dislike the word "Empower" like I need permission from someone to think and act a certain way that others approve of "asiftheyhadultimateauthorityovermebecausei'madumby".

But....Eisenberg does a good job simplifying the offensive issues.



We don't know if Joe Flacco can go from zero to 60 when he returns. We don’t know if there’s enough pieces at running back. We don't know if there's enough playmakers. We don't know if the offensive line will hold up. So, is it OK to feel concerned? Yes...

I mean, where on offense can they say they’re completely satisfied and pleased with where things stand?

Not at quarterback, that’s for sure. Their starter, Joe Flacco, isn’t practicing because of a back injury and won’t play until the season opener. Can he go from zero to 60 and play well immediately after missing so much time? Will he and his receivers have chemistry? Most importantly, will his back hold up?

Fair questions, all...I don’t want to echo Chicken Little because it’s too soon for that and you have papa who does a great job, every day, to remind us that there is absolutely no hope...... http://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/article-1/Eisenberg-Lots-of-Concerning-Questions-Surrounding-Ravens-Offense-and-Theyre-All-Fair/b206963b-5528-4756-bcf6-b40d85eb9644



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