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Lesbians Ejected from M&T

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Perhaps by now you have read the story of a lesbian couple who says they were ejected from M&T Bank Stadium last week because they were kissing.


It concerns Mary Kate Morris and Nicole Marchetto, a Baltimore couple who ended up having a misunderstanding with security guards and police.


According to the story from the Washing Blade -- so far the only place to do any original reporting on the incident, at least that I've been able to find -- Morris and Marchetto had headed to the bathroom at half time. Finding the line to be unpleasantly long, they decided to pass some time by getting beer and fries.


Here's where the trouble came.


According to the Blade story, "[t]hey spotted a plastic cup on the counter and used it to pour ketchup for the fries." The couple then engaged in casual kissing. They were told by a security guard to "stop making a scene." But they continued anyway, through three more warnings, because they believed their public displays were no different from what they saw heterosexual couples around them doing.



I'm on your side ladies! The ultimate payback would be for all lesbian couples* to get tickets for Sunday's game (1pm vs. Denver) and really make a scene. I'll make sure my camcorder is charged.





*Lipstick lesbians prefered

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