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It was a beautiful day and the fans were in heavy party mode.


As soon as I saw Flacco was accurate I never felt like the Ravens weren't in control. Thye Bronco's can't hang physically.


Loved the Ray Rice show and Willis had a very good game too.


4 and 1 Baby!!!!!


and this team is still in the process of getting better each week.

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47 plays rushing with a 5.0 ypc...and 4 TD's!....that's just what this team needed as a tune up for the Pats. This is how they beat them in the playoffs.

Plus the Patsie offense is similar to Denvers.


Cundiff was great on the kick offs.


lol...I just found out the Bengals lost.



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Guest BallTMore

I'll add.


Just nit-picky, but...


I think we should keep Ray Rice in at the goal-line. I like Willis, I'm glad we have him, but Ray Rice can find a hole when there isn't one.



I'm more confident in Ray and McClain on short yardage. By the way, glad Cam finally gave Le'Ron the ball on short yardage today.



Also, Cam should take the 4th and goal fade and tear it out of the playbook. It doesn't fool anyone.

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